Message from the Chairman

 Andres Lozano 
  Dan Family Chair in Neurosurgery 
  University of Toronto

  Andres M. Lozano, MD, PhD, FRCSC, FRSC, FCAHS
  Tel: 416-603-5800 ext. 3712 (office of the Chairman) 
  Fax: 416-603-5298

  Division of Neurosurgery
  Toronto Western Hospital, West Wing 4-431
  399 Bathurst Street
  Toronto, ON
  M5T 2S8


From the Chairman's Office

Welcome to the University of Toronto Division of Neurosurgery. Having 32 clinical faculty, 9 research faculty, 32 residents and 26 fellows, we are among the largest neurosurgical training programs in the world. Our four teaching hospitals (St. Michael’s, Sunnybrook, Toronto Western and the Hospital for Sick Children), each with their individual expertise and culture, provide diversity and breadth of experience and opportunities for our residents. Beginning with the founding of our division of Neurosurgery in 1923, we have a rich and illustrious past tradition. Building on nine decades of achievement, we are now forging a trajectory of innovation and excellence for the future. Among our most
important attributes are:

- Excellent clinical faculty and patient care

- Expertise that is cross cutting all fields of Neurosurgery

- Over half our neurosurgical faculty have PhD degrees and have a major interest in research

- We produce world leading science

- We have exceptional residents

- We have outstanding teaching

- We thrive on knowledge generation and translation

- We attract neurosurgical trainees from throughout the world

- We enjoy an unequalled record of innovation and productivity in Neurosurgery

- We exert a major presence in Canadian and International Neurosurgical Leadership

This co-localization of talent housed in a single University Program within a major multicultural city is rarely encountered anywhere and gives us unique advantages including;

- A high volume of patients and clinical material

- The exposure of residents to both diverse and specialized practices of Neurosurgery

- The opportunity to tailor neurosurgical residency training to fit individual career goals and aspirations

One of our most valuable assets, our Surgeon-Scientist program gives our residents the opportunity to train in both Clinical Neurosurgery and in Neurosurgical research and to become the future leaders in our specialty.

Our faculty and residents and fellows have a level of scientific productivity that is the benchmark for the neurosurgical programs in the world.

Led by Dr Abhaya Kulkarni, our Neurosurgical Residency Program Director, we have an intensive didactic and practical curriculum for teaching our residents and enabling them to develop and blossom into the clinical and research leaders of tomorrow.

Our vision stated simply is to train the best neurosurgeons and push forward the frontiers of neurosurgery. With the tremendous talent and dedication of our trainees and faculty , with our determination and tenacity of purpose and with setting our sights on these goals, we will make an impact on our patients and on this most fascinating discipline we have chosen, Neurosurgery.