Warren Ho Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Warren Ho Memorial Scholarship in Neurosurgery

At the time of his untimely death from a drowning accident in 2000, Dr. Warren Ho was a PGY-4 in the Neurosurgery Training Program at the University of Toronto. In his life, Warren was the ideal role model for neurosurgery residents through his excellence in clinical care and research, and his demonstrated humanitarianism. The Warren Ho Humanitarian Award has been established in his honour, and the following neurosurgery residents have been recipients.

2001         Howard Ginsberg
2002 Eve Tsai
2003 Todd Mainprize
2004 Jay Riva-Cambrin
2005 Sheila Singh
2006 Adrian Laxton
2007 Sarah Woodrow
2008 Scellig Stone
2009 David Cadotte
2010 Shobhan Vachhrajani
2011 Gregory Hawryluk
2012 Carlo Santaguida
2013 Mehdi Shahideh
2014 George Ibrahim
2015 Alireza Mansouri
2016 Newton Cho
2017 Farshad Nassiri