Dan Fellows - Christian Dorfer

Christian Dorfer

Christian Dorfer, MD

Dr. Dorfer received his MD degree from the Medical University of Vienna in 2006, where he also completed his neurosurgical residency. Upon completion of his residency in 2013, he was recruited to the Medical University of Vienna as an Assistant Professor and Consultant for Neurosurgery. In 2012, Dr. Dorfer began PhD studies at the Medical University of Vienna, where his principal interests are pediatric neuro-oncology and epilepsy. He chose to come to Toronto due to the Hospital for Sick Children’s strong reputation and exceptional contributions to pediatric neurosurgery and focus on epilepsy and neurooncologic surgery. Upon completing his Dan Fellowship, he hopes to return to the pediatric neurosurgery service and epilepsy program at the Medical University of Vienna to aid in further enhancing both programs.