Dan Fellows - Leonardo Conrado


Leonardo Conrado

Dr. Conrado earned his medical degree from the Bahiana School of Medicine in Brazil. He completed his neurosurgical residency training last year in Porto Alegre, Brazil. During his time in residency, he began to read increasingly about the practice of medicine in Canada. Soon, he came to realize the many of the authors of the great works in neurosurgery were from the University of Toronto. When a close colleague returned from a positive fellowship experience in Toronto, Dr. Conrado was further motivated to pursue training in our city. Last year, he came to Toronto Western Hospital to complete a one-month observership, during which time he had the opportunity to visit the Division of Neurosurgery at Sunnybrook Hospital. He greatly admired the work being done across all of Division’s four hospitals, and was particularly impressed by the opportunity they afforded to gain exposure to all areas of neurosurgery. Furthermore, he was impressed by the investment in research made by our Division. He chose to apply for a fellowship experience at Sunnybrook Hospital because of the strong connection he made with their Division last year, and was accepted for the 2012-13 academic year. His goal is to enhance his clinical skills in our world class program and to return to Brazil to share his great experience in Toronto and help improve the programs there.