Organization of the Resident Training Program

The University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine is comprised of a number of departments, one of which is the Department of Surgery. The Department of Surgery includes a number of Divisions, one of which is the Division of Neurosurgery. The neurosurgical staff members each hold a joint University/Hospital appointment, i.e., the appointment to the active staff is made following agreement of the R.S. McLaughlin Professor of the Department of Surgery (Professor J. Rutka), the Hospital, and the Chairman of the Division of Neurosurgery.

The Gallie Program is an integrated postgraduate training program in the various disciplines of surgery. All University of Toronto neurosurgical residents are members of the Gallie Program. The office of the Director of the Gallie Program is situated in the Banting Institute (100 College Street, Toronto) and Dr. John Bohnen (416 978-5575) directs the implementation of the Gallie Program at the various hospitals. At each teaching hospital, the Surgeon-in-Chief carries the final responsibility for the excellence of surgical care, and at each teaching hospital the Division Head of Neurosurgery directs that hospital's neurosurgical unit. Thus, at any one time, a neurosurgical resident is a member of the Department of Surgery Gallie Program, a member of the University of Toronto Division of Neurosurgery, and a member of a neurosurgical unit at a particular hospital. Each of these rankings conveys both privileges and responsibilities.

The McLaughlin Professor of Surgery receives advice from both the Chairmen of each Surgical Subspecialty (for Neurosurgery - Dr. A. Lozano) and from the Surgeons-in-Chief of the individual hospitals. The Chairman of Neurosurgery receives advice from the Neurosurgery Heads of Division of each individual hospital. This group meets once a month during the academic year.

The quality of the residency training program is always an item which receives the utmost attention at meetings of all these groups.

The Residency Program Committee (RPC)

To assist the Program Director, Dr. Abhaya Kulkarni, in the planning, organization and supervision of the Training Program in Neurosurgery, a Residency Training Program (RPC) Committee has been organized. This committee is comprised of neurosurgical staff representatives from each teaching hospital, and resident representatives who are elected annually to the RPC by their peers. The RPC meets monthly during the academic year to discuss issues that are germane to the Training Program. Responsibilities of the Program Director in conjunction with the RPC include: The development and operation of a Training Program that meets the general standards of accreditation as set forth by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada; the selection of prospective candidates for admission to the Training Program; the maintenance of an appeal mechanism for residents; the creation of a forum to discuss career planning and resident counseling; an ongoing review of the Training Program to ensure that the quality of the educational experience is maintained.